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Here is a summary of what’s been done so far and what needs to be done next in the next few weeks:


  1. Created backend Elixir code to save IRC messages and events to the database.
  2. Created Supybot plugin to log messages to the database
  3. Created a new DrProject component for viewing IRC logs

So, now the functionality to view IRC logs by date is done.


  1. Add event log to the component, so the users can browse segments of IRC logs by events. First, I’ll create a screen mockup for this.
  2. Add search functionality for the logs.
  3. Add tags to conversations. The idea is to use words that don’t appear in an English dictionary (i.e. ComponentA) as tags. For example, users could then view conversation blobs around ComponentA by clicking on the tag.
  4. This Wednesday me and Greg are meeting with Gerald Penn, who is doing research in Natural Language Processing. Hopefully he’ll point us in the right direction on any algorithms for dissecting IRC messages by subject or keywords.

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