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Currently I’m working on integrating IRC logs with DrProject. There are two ways I can think of doing this, and both use wikis:

1. Save logs to the existing wiki system in DrProject. This seems the simplest solution, but there are some concerns with it. The biggest concern is that official wikis are meant to be formal documents, while logs are informal. The second concern is that logs will show up in the wiki index. So it seems that the better approach is to create a separate component, described in the next section.

2. Create a separate component for logs based on the current wiki system in DrProject. This will entail creating separate tables to store these wikis from the regular wikis on DrProject. It will be very similar to the existing wiki system in DrProject, but it gives more flexibility on what these wiki pages can parse and show, because we could curtail it specifically for logs (syntax highlighting, etc.).

In the first case, the bot could use DrProject RPC to edit wiki logs. In the second case, we could do it directly by inserting records into a table with messages, or use RPC as well.

Currently, I think the second option is the best.


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