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Supybot comes with ChannelLogger plugin. Basically, it implements event handlers for things like users joining the channel, users changing nicknames, messages, etc. It saves them in a text file #<channel_name>.log under <irc_network_name>/<channel_name>. Since I finished writing RPC for editing wikis, I have now started on writing another plugin for Supybot to save logs as wikis on DrProject. Here is how I’m planning on doing this. Have a plugin run as sort of a background job, and periodically upload the logs created by ChannelLogger to DrProject wiki. I’ll post more details tomorrow, but that’s a basic idea.



  1. Why add it to a wiki page? Why not create a new (separate) component? Or is the wiki page thing a stopgap?

    • drprojectirc
    • Posted May 27, 2008 at 11:50 pm
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    I assume you are asking why use wikis to store chat logs?

    I was thinking wiki would be a good place to store logs for the following reasons:

    1. Wikis provide a good functionality for post-hoc editing of conversations. Wiki also has built-in revision history, and in case of DrProject, cross-referencing tickets, changesets, and mail via hyperlinks.

    2. Since conversations will be (ideally) related to the project, having the log on the wiki will allow anyone who has view access to see these logs through a web browser.

    3. It’s very easy to organize wikis. For example, using a channel topic as a wiki page name. One day we could be talking about subject A, the next few days about subject B, and then again about subject A. All conversations related to subject A would be in the same wiki page.

    4. DrProject wiki already allows formatting code blocks, lists, etc. So, if chatters use the wiki syntax when pasting code in their conversations, it will show up neatly on the wiki.

    5. It would be easy to link to a chat conversation log from other wikis.

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