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This week I finished writing RPC code to handle ticket views and added a command to DrProject plugin for Supybot to handle ticket view requests. Ticketing system in DrProject will soon be revamped, so I expect the code to break. However, in my case, like Jeff said, it’s better to have something working now that could be fixed in the future, rather than preparing for the future. I don’t expect that it will be a big effort to fix incoming errors.

See here.

Currently, I’m working on implementing a similar feature for change sets. I think a simple description of a change set, along with a link should be sufficient. I’m also working on the design for integrating IRC and DrProject Wiki. We’ll want to save chat logs as wiki pages, and there’s many things to consider. How to organize these wiki pages? Use the channel topic as the name for the wiki page? Or, just time stamp it? I also want to create a doc explaining how the bot is talking to DrProject, how to set it up setup, configure, run etc. In short, useful documentation for everyone.


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